peace, love, and having a mind of your own

i refuse to look at life through the lens of tradition.
i refuse to believe everything i am told.
i refuse to live a life that doesn't promote peace, love, and having a mind of your own.

31 May 2011

today, start living the life you love.

stop whatever you are doing right this minute. make no excuses, just pause, clear your mind, and ask yourself this very important question.

am i living the life i love?

ask yourself if there is a deep reservoir of joy in your soul that you may draw from at anytime. because, trust me, the reservoir is there. the question is, what’s in it?

ask- and be honest when you attempt to answer- if anyone knows the real you. or is there a rift between your exterior and the silent, suffocating beast within? if all of our bodies disappeared, would anyone’s soul recognize yours?

the things you do every day, do they bring you fulfillment? your job, free time, and the education you’re currently earning- in or outside of a school- are they it? do you ever feel that you’re wasting your time? or that your life is missing some essential ingredient?

this is your life. you only get one of them. you will only be twenty-four years, one month, and three days old once and dammit, you’ve got to get this right.

if something is wrong, you must fix it. do not walk away from this screen until you have taken an active step in improving your situation.

call the person that hurt you and tell them you love them, because it’s more important to be loved than to be right.

sell every possession that you don’t absolutely love or need, and do something amazing with your money. go to Europe. check something off your bucket list. better yet, find someone who is really in need and give it all to them.

get a job you don’t hate. until then, find something positive about your current job and meditate on how lucky you are that you get to do it. i heard a story once about two guys who were building a cathedral. one called himself a brick-layer and the other a cathedral-builder. they both had the same job. be a cathedral builder.

go for a walk, leave your cell phone at home, and don’t come back until your heart is at peace.

and remember, this is a journey. you will never achieve perfection, but each day will bring you either closer or further away from the real thing, the life you are meant to live. choose closer. this is your life, and it matters.

We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other. Our age yields no great and perfect persons.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Thank you for this. A lot. I kinda needed the kick in the butt...

    (Also, I just recently discovered your blog and I am enjoying it very much. Keep on keepin' on!)

  2. Simple, succint and deep challenge.

  3. Love your blog. So inspiring!

  4. I love your wise old soul. Yep, I'd recognize you without skin on, you would be the soul burning bright and living large.

  5. thank you for this!

  6. This is great post!
    A lot of this here has been on my heart this past week a lot.
    Thank you!
    Now I'm gonna go read it again.