peace, love, and having a mind of your own

i refuse to look at life through the lens of tradition.
i refuse to believe everything i am told.
i refuse to live a life that doesn't promote peace, love, and having a mind of your own.

12 April 2011

unexcused absence.

hello world. i don't know how you've survived the last three-and-a-half weeks without me, but somehow you did it. the good news is, i'm back.

long story short, i spent some time in Nashville and Atlanta visiting old friends, and intentionally left the laptop at home in order to improve the quality of my face time with those dear ones. this silly blog is far less important than real live relationships, yeah?

friends i haven't seen in YEARS <3

so the trip was eventful; mostly in an amazing way. last minute road trips, coffee shop conversations, song-writing, dive bars, arrests [not so amazing, but made for a good story], new tattoos, hammocks, bike rides, and one very passionate musical performance -complete with a climactic showdown- to end the adventure with a BANG. it was perfect.

in other news, i've started a new job doing design and communications work for a church. it's a pretty sweet gig. i get my own office, i can wear jeans and play on my Macbook all day, and i have some really cool co-workers, including my extraordinary mother, whose birthday is today. check out this cake i made her.

her favorite: yellow cake with fluffy whipped chocolate frosting.

you're worth every layer, mom ;-)

made from scratch with organic/healthy substitutions.

in case you can't tell, i'm really proud of my cake. i've never made anything from scratch, and it turned out ridiculously tasty and perfect, so let me have my moment, okay?


if you're into reading, i just received a complimentary copy of Crabgrass and Oaktrees by Jonathan Almanzar and Aaron Havens. the deal is i'm gonna be reviewing it on my blog once i've read it. if you know me, you know i don't often do things the typical way, so expect a thought-provoking, honest evaluation of this up-and-coming book. i don't even wanna call it a "book review" because it's not gonna be boring like in 6th grade when you turned in an MLA-formatted cliff-notes rip-off for every book you were supposed to have read.

for your viewing pleasure

one more thing. i've been mildly obsessed with this song ever since i heard it on .o hallelujah.'s blog about a month ago. i find myself singing it to my dog when i'm home alone, and as you can imagine, my voice sounds exactly like the female version of his: folky and soulful and shaky in all the right places. enjoy the lyrics, especially if life's cruel demands and fool's gold have crushed your little soul, too.

peace, love, and 9-layer birthday cakes!


  1. and i love you, so glad you had fun on your road trip but seriously checked your blog all the time to see if you'd updated because i miss you tons right now. and i will have to say, while i am thoroughly impressed by the cake, jealous I didn't get any, and excited about the book review, I am seriously disappointed that no pictures of the new tattoo made it onto the blog!!! I need photo evidence please! :) can't wait to see it.

    love you huge.
    kristen nicole.

  2. Yea for my cake! It's are you my dear! Love the song too

  3. That cake looks delicious. And thanks for sparing us the MLA formatting. ;-)