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i refuse to look at life through the lens of tradition.
i refuse to believe everything i am told.
i refuse to live a life that doesn't promote peace, love, and having a mind of your own.

14 January 2011

tea bag wisdom.

This evening, while waiting for the kettle to sing, I withdrew an enormous mug from the cabinet and plucked a bag of organic tea from its cozy box. This is what the tag said:

Now I just love a good opportunity to infuse wisdom into anyone's day, so here we go…

Do you realize how true this is??

What you CHOOSE to do with each moment, with your talents, your energy, your resources, has the power to change the world. What you do (or don't do) involves so much more than just YOU.

My generation exists in a perpetual state of idleness. This is a bold statement, I am aware. But really, how rare is it to find someone who has fully given himself to something?

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that the majority of their potential is slowly being laid to waste? Does anyone else sense that they’re full of untapped reservoirs of change-the-world-ness?

This is especially true for those who claim to be followers of Christ. If you believe the Bible is true [which you should if you’re calling yourself a Christian] then do you believe the parts that say that Jesus has given you the power to do even greater things than he did, like it says in John 14:12? What about when Jesus says that whatever we forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever we permit on earth will be permitted in heaven, like in Matthew 18:18? What about Ephesians 3:20, which says that through us, God is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Infinitely. There is no limit to the ways you can change the world.

“Awake, O sleeper,
   rise up from the dead
      and Christ will give you light.”

[Eph. 5:14b]

My sleeping generation. 
Time to stop “hanging out.” 

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...K that’s all, I’m gonna go enjoy my tea now.
Don’t forget to answer the questions I asked you. They were NOT rhetorical. Especially this one:

Does anyone else sense that they’re full of untapped reservoirs of change-the-world-ness? Share your thoughts in the COMMENTS.

1 comment:

  1. Yes.
    All you are saying is very much true.
    These are questions I DESPERATELY need to be asking myself.
    Very glad to have stumbled across your blog.
    am going to go and read your other posts now.. probably out of order as I am reading this one first.
    Seems I very much needed to hear it.

    Funny how things 'work out' like that. But really, no coincidence at all when we consider who is at work behind it all ;)